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Maschio UFO Speed Disc

Guidolin Agrimac are your local supplier for quality Maschio UFO speed discs.

The UFO is a disc cultivator that is great for intensive work on land and residue. The sturdy structure, together with a 610 mm disc set, ensures improved application versatility in reaching a working depth of 15cm.

The UFO can replace a conventional disc, field cultivator and rolling straw chopper all at once.

This disc is available in both rigid and folding models. Rigid models are available in 250cm, 300cm and 400cm working widths and the folding models are available in 400cm and 600cm working widths. 

Compact Speed Disc


Straw incorporation 

Residues mixing on the top soil at a depth of 2" - 5" promotes straw decompostion and nutrient release. While conventional discs just size residues, UFO chops, pulverizes and incorporates them at shallow depth. 

Soil structure restoring and field conditioning 

UFO preserves soil structure without aggressive soil movement and no compatction in relation to conventional discs. It also promotes an increase of organic matter content on superficial sold layers, creating an ideal envoirnment for soil bacteria. This tillage operation covers 60% of residues while 40% are left on the top, preventing from erosion and improving water retention. 

Weed control

To achieve maximum yield potential , it is necessary to get rid of weed competition. The UFO does a great job reducing weed competition. 

Superb Chopping and Intense Mixing

Cross System

The perfect overlapping of front and rear gangs guarantees an extremely consistent tillage all across the working width. The high clearance 25" and the narrow 40" gang spacing improves leveling, firming and consolidation, reducing power and fuel consumption at the same time. 

Disc diameter and concavity 

UFO notched discs have a wide 24" diameter and are 1/3" thick. They are made in high tensile boron steel and have a soil contact which is four times wider than the smaller diameter discs. The discs concavity ensures better soil straw mixing even on a very hight density residues, than conventional vertical discs. 

Perfect cutting angle

The 22 degree cutting angle, the disc shape and spacing ensure an optimal cutting quality even in the toughest working conditions.

Adjustable side retaining discs

Easily adjustable side discs (in depth and inclination) allow a perfect soil retention even with heavy crop residues, preparing and optimal seed bed and leaving a nice flat finish (no side ridges or furrows). 

Please refer to below image and attached brochure for full specs and details.

To enquire about this speed disc call Marcel Guidolin on 0427 643 444.

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