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Fiorini Rake Super Big 1000

The rake model SUPER BIG 1000 is ideal for large harvests and big-sized fields and is suitable for both hay and straw.

Not only does it guarantee perfect and careful central windrowing but also double windrowing, windrowing tedding, cam spreading and gathering of two windrows into a central one when fodder quantity is lower.

Its unique feature of 10.50m windrowing useful width allows to save time, yet assuring perfect cleaning results and utmost collection care. Its construction flexibility allows the use of just half of the machine, if needed, by setting the other half in vertical position and still ensuring correct operation.

It is equipped with 3 point linkage, four 8 arm rotors with three shot-peened springs per arm. It fits steel cams and rollers, tandem wheels with height adjuster screw, hydraulic cylinders controlling the opening movement, CE-approved protections, Cardan, pins, rear lighting system and reflector panels.

For further information on the Fiorini Rake Super Big 1000, contact Marcel at Guidolin Agrimac on 0427 643 444 or (02) 6964 3400.

For full details on the Fiorini Rake Super Big 1000, please visit


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