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Croplands Quantum Mist 2-Row Sprayer

The Quantum Mist is the ultimate performer in vineyards. This sprayer offers outstanding spray coverage and improved efficiency. Each spray head is easily adjustable to achieve the best results.
The high volume positive displacement pump and ceramic spray tips ensure excellent droplet deposition throughout the vine canopy.
  • Minimise drift
  • Reduce fuel use
  • Run at lower rpm
  • Increase coverage
  • Lower application rates
  • Increase spraying speeds
  • Standard Features

  • Full length, hot-dipped galvanised chassis with jockey wheel and step.

  • UV-stabilised, high impact-resistance with external sight gauge and large flip-open filling lid.
  • 2-row has 1500, 2000, 3000 and 4000 litre models available

  • The QM500 (500mm) hydraulic drive fan head is the original design ‚Äì made for larger, sprawl canopies and vigorous VSP canopies. Each fan delivers high-volume, turbulent, directional air at 24.5 M/sec*. Fitted with the 5-blade SARDI designed fan ‚Äì tried, tested and proven.
  • The QM380 (380mm) hydraulic-drive fan head is designed for cool-climate grape canopies and those that are managed through trimming and pruning throughout the season. The air produced is very similar to the larger model ‚Äì high-volume, directional for excellent coverage, produced at 17.7 M/sec*.
(* = Measured at 2500 fan rpm.)

  • All Quantum Mist sprayers are fitted with AR oil-bath positive displacement diaphragm pumps to provide excellent liquid supply to the nozzles. Typical operating pressure range is 5‚Äì12 bar at the nozzle.

  • Each sprayer is fitted with a tank filling strainer, suction filter, pressure or nozzle filters and full venturi tank agitation backed with bypass agitation from the pump.

  • Every Quantum Mist is fitted with a flushing tank as standard equipment. Rinsing the sprayer in the vineyard makes environmental sense.

  • Self-steering drawbar - standard on all 1500, 2000, 3000 and 4000 litre 2-row machines. Vital for tighter turns to keep the trailing unit in the same track as the tractor.
  • Tandem Axle suspension - for total stability in multi-row applications. Optional on 2-row machines, available in a steering configuration on the 3000 and 4000 litre 2-row sprayers.
  • Left and right terracing kit - lifts left and right sides of the sprayer tower individually by 600mm for terraced vineyards. Provides total control from the cab.
  • Fully Enclosed oil supply system - an option on 2-row Quantum Mist grape sprayers.  Incorporates an on-board oil tank mounted on self-steer drawbar and fully enclosed oil supply for fan operation. Liquid pump is hydraulically driven by the tractor oil supply.  This system is ideal for use with tractors that have a limited oil supply.
  • Outer-row adjustment - a clever pull-lock manual outer-row adjustment system is fitted to all multi-row machines. A hydraulic in-cab outer-row adjustment is available as an option.
  • Auto spray rate control - this option is almost a must for most growers to ensure exact application and to give the winery assurance that spray programmes have been correctly followed. The HV4000 is designed specifically for the needs of horticulture growers.
  • Data logging - options for data logging include a basic L/ha data-recording package for the HV4000 controller for downloading spray history.
  • In-cab Fan Sensors and Control - with the HV4000 controller fitted, fan speed sensors and controls can be used from the console. The fan speed control is used to adjust the air output for differing canopy growth stages, or different ages of vines. Ideal for early season applications, in sensitive areas, and for increasing maximum output when required.

For further information on the Croplands Quantum Mist 2-Row sprayer or to make your enquiry to purchase, contact Marcel at Guidolin Agrimac on (02) 6964 3400 or 0427 643 444.

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