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John Berends Hydraulic Range Grader Blades

Guidolin Agrimac are your local supplier for quality Australian-made John Berends Hydraulic Range Grader Blades.


The ultimate in grader blades – alter tilt, angle and offset from your tractor seat on the move!

  • 10mm Mouldboard - 500mm high clearance with extra support on the rear of the blade
  • Reversible hardened cutting edge
  • Hydraulic angle up to 45 degrees both ways
  • Hydraulic offset up to 600mm both ways (manual option available)
  • Hydraulic tilt in excess of 30 degrees left or right
  • Blade can be reversed for back filling 
  • Electric or manual diverter kits available
  • Minimum 75 HP requirement 
  • Optional 14" Holden depth wheel with either manual ratchet or hydraulic adjustment 
  • "8' model - 520kg & 10' model - 550kg


To enquire about these Grader Blades and others please call our office on 02 6964 3400.

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