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John Berends Pasture Harrows

A robust harrow ideal for pasture renovation, landscaping, horse arenas, race tracks, sport fields and for seed/fertilizer incorporation. 

  • 12mm scarifier tines breaks up manure, loosens hard surfaces and increases aeration which in turn stimulates new growth.
  • 12mm rear smudger bars spread manure and help level the ground.
  • Simple flexible design follows the ground contours without tangling up.
  • Self cleaning flexible action.
  • Trailing design with sturdy 100 x 50 channel iron draw bar and 12mm towing chain.
  • Trailing weights - 2 on 4‚Äô(1.2m) - 6‚Äô(1.8m) models and 4 on 8‚Äô(2.4m), 10‚Äô (3.0m) and 12‚Äô(3.6m) models
  • Optional lifting frame available for easy transporting.
  • 4‚Äô(1.2m) model can also be used behind ATV‚Äôs.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Excellent value for money.

For further information on the John Berends pasture harrows, contact Marcel at Guidolin Agrimac on 0427 643 444 or (02) 6964 3400.

For full details on the John Berends pasture harrows, please visit

John Berends

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